I've been a big dinosaur fan for as long as I can remember

I doodled dinosaurs when my teachers weren't looking 60-odd years ago when I was in elementary school.

When I was a young parent I would tell my boys stories about the dinosaurs that lived in my own childhood back yard. I can still remember my young boys listening -- spellbound and their eyes wide open -- as I told my dinosaur yarns night after night.

My interest in these big creatures and their stories was rekindled a few years ago when my first grandchild was born.

I'm working on a collection of dinosaur bedtime stories for kids

I'm working on a collection of children's bedtime stories tentatively [but not very creatively] called "Dinosaur Bedtime Stories."

The book should be written, formatted, and completed in mid-2020. Haven't yet decided how it will be published [Amazon KDP, printed, etc,], but if you'd like a heads up when it's completed, fill out the form and scoot it to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Steve Hall

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